Thursday, March 10, 2011

Their favorite fallacy.

Not all rhetoric is bombast or exaggeration. Indeed, all writing, is, in some way, rhetorical, an attempt to influence the reader's thoughts or actions. Yes, even fiction. Hence, the fallacy of the Straw Man. So, to convince you that all "Liberals" are evil, Mr. Limbaugh will assume the fiction of knowing their innermost motivation and ascribing a yearning for soviet communism to their every purpose. This nonexistent liberal is the straw man that made him a multimillionaire. He is forever attacking the secret motivations, never the ideas, of his enemies in his unending quest to engender hate in his listeners.
     So, here I am to advocate for all the straw men in the imaginations of all the ignorant bigoted fans of fox news, the delusions of the incuriously hateful. To pose the question, "HUH?" 

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